It was fun to speak with Hillary Harper on ABC Radio National Life Matters about the role of swimming in urban river health. The other panellist was Professor Tim Fletcher, who works in urban ecohydrology. Tim knows a lot about stormwater flows, effects and management, which are essential to establishing healthy rivers for us to swim in.

With the Seine being reopened for public swimming after being cleaned up to be featured in marathon and triathlon events and the opening ceremony for the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, and with the rediscovery of local waterways that occurred during pandemic lockdowns, the possibilities of ‘swimmable cities’ have caught the attention of city dwellers.

Immersive sports and physical activities are powerful experiences that encourage us to feel and think through the interconnections of human-environmental health and wellbeing, and swimming is an especially powerful example of that.

You can listen to our discussion here.


By Published On: August 15, 2023Categories: Localism & Newcomers, Multi-species Communities

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