Recently, I had the chance to speak with Matthew Campelli from The Sustainability Report.

The Sustainability Report is a champion of change “for sports professionals committed to enhancing the environmental, social and economic sustainability of their organisations”. They do wonderful work and talk to some fascinating people, so I was pleased to be invited for a conversation.

In the first part of the episode, Matthew focuses on my research about how experiences of vulnerability and encounter can evoke greater ethics in attitudes (and potentially practices) towards human-ocean health and wellbeing. The second half of the episode is with Stefan Raimund, who works in building collaborations with scientists in international sailing event, The Ocean Race.

Episode #84 – Rebecca Olive discusses the connection between surfers and the environment, while Stefan Raimund lifts the lid on The Ocean Race’s expanded science programme

Listen to the full episode at The Sustainability Report.

By Published On: January 12, 2023Categories: Multi-species Communities

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