Transnatural Perspectives podcast: Ecofeminism, Surfing & Leisure Culture

Environmental and outdoor educator, Josh Bennett was kind enough to include me in an episode of his podcast, Transnatural Perspectives. We had a long discussion about the cultural politics of surfing (and other recreational ocean sports and cultures) and chatted for a while about my developing work with Moving Oceans. Josh gave me the chanceContinue reading “Transnatural Perspectives podcast: Ecofeminism, Surfing & Leisure Culture”

New article: Coastal Communities, Leisure and Wellbeing

We’ve just had a co-authored article come out, ‘Coastal Communities, Leisure and Wellbeing: Advancing a Trans-Disciplinary Agenda for Understanding Ocean-Human Relationships in Aotearoa New Zealand‘. It is part of a special issue on Special Issue Oceans and Human Health: The Importance of Marine Ecosystems on Human Health and Wellbeing in the International Journal of Environmental ResearchContinue reading “New article: Coastal Communities, Leisure and Wellbeing”

Why going for a swim in the ocean can be good for you, and for nature

(This article was originally published by Rebecca Olive on The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.) Summer is the season when we like to cool off with a plunge into water. For some it’s in the local or backyard swimming pool, but others prefer the salt water of the ocean. SometimesContinue reading “Why going for a swim in the ocean can be good for you, and for nature”

I’m here for the water, not the swimming

Today, as I pushed off the wall of the pool to start my 400m warmup, I was quickly struck by how clear, sparkling and blue the water was. The Friday before, I noticed how cloudy it was, and I suppose I assumed that it was usual. But on Monday, the water had a particularly strikingContinue reading “I’m here for the water, not the swimming”

Seeing the light (at the bottom of the pool)

These last two weeks, I’ve been back in the pool. The squad I love so dearly was put on hold through the lockdown, as was our access to all the public pools around the city. This makes sense, of course, but for those of us so far from the coast and thus unable to getContinue reading “Seeing the light (at the bottom of the pool)”

Understanding Blue Spaces: Sport, Bodies, Wellbeing, and the Sea

by Rebecca Olive and Belinda Wheaton We’re really pleased to share a project that we’ve been working on for well over two-years; a double special issue called ‘Understanding Blue Spaces: Sport, Bodies, Wellbeing, and the Sea’ that will be published in Journal of Sport and Social Issues in early 2021. For now, the articles inContinue reading “Understanding Blue Spaces: Sport, Bodies, Wellbeing, and the Sea”

International Day for Women & Girls in Science

Annual days of recognition can often pass us by. When they do, there is no real consequence, but taking time to think about the issues such days mark, can be helpful. For me, these days remind me that the freedoms, privileges and technologies that I enjoy are not given, but are available by virtue ofContinue reading “International Day for Women & Girls in Science”